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Summer Sunday series: The prayer course

This summer, a chance to develop and deepen our prayer lives, both as a church and individually, as we embark on an eight week journey through the Lord’s prayer.

In the difficult times the world is facing, we are perhaps more aware of our need to turn to God and this summer is a great opportunity to gain new prayer tools and techniques and put into practice what we learn. Have a watch of the trailer (below) and see what the material is like.

Starting on July 12th with “Week 1: Lord, teach us to pray” each of the sessions will be available on our Catch up page of the website, so if you miss a week then no need to miss out and you can be up to speed for the following week.

If you would like to purchase Pete’s book “How to pray: A simple guide for normal people” then let Richard know as we can put a church order in to with a 10% discount (it is also available in large print through Eden). It isn’t a course book as such, but does cover a lot of the same themes in more detail.

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