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Daily study notes

The following links contain materials that can either be accessed online or you can sign up to get materials delivered to your home.

Scripture Union bible reading guides

UCB bible reading guides

Waverley Abbey/CWR bible reading guides

A range of topic and theme based reading plans online

Bible in a year

There are many different reading plans to cover the bible in a year but here are links to a few to get you started.

Audio NIV bible in a year (read by David Suchet)

NIV journaling bible in a year

Bible in one year App from Alpha

In depth bible study

To study the bible in depth there are a wide range of resources available, although not always easily accessible. It is also useful to draw on more than one resource when looking in depth at the bible, using multiple commentaries and resources. The links below are to give an idea of some of the resources available rather than provide specific recommendations or everything you would need (they also get pretty expensive so shop around if you are looking to buy).

Single volume commentary

Oxford Bible Commentary

NIV Bible study commentary

Moody Bible commentary

Commentary series (available individually as well as in sets)

The ‘For Everyone’ Commentary series

The new Interpreters Bible Commentary series

Interpretation series

Bible dictionaries (think more encyclopaedia than dictionary)

Zondervan illustrated

Holman concise

Other books/resources

NT Wright’s New Testament in its world

How to read the Bible for all its worth (has free to use Greek new testament interlinear)

Elements of New Testament Greek (the go-to book for starting to learn new testament greek)

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