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Seven Sacred Spaces

Chapel – what we probably think of when we think about going to church, the meeting together to worship God. A place and time where we come together with God at the centre.

Scriptorium – a place where we study, learn more about God and pass on knowledge to others.

Chapter – the place where we make decisions about the running of the church, for us a focus on the church meeting, what it is and what it can be.

Garden – the place of work, where our effort is rewarded with practical provisions, be it food grown in the garden or a salary to live on.

Cell – the quiet place where we spent time alone with God, where we rest in His presence and renew our energies for the things that lay ahead (this isn’t about prison!).

Cloister – a place of both planned and chance encounters, where we can go to hang out, spend time and engage with others.

Refectory – the place where we eat together, a place of sustenance, conversation and refreshment (this is also on Mother’s day so planned as a café church).

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