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Currently, we are opening the chapel building to the village as a Warm Welcome Space for two days a week as part of our effort to combat the cost of living crisis.

There is more to this than just providing a warm space though.

The warm welcome is for anyone, and the plan is to have a range of activities and things to do that means anyone and everyone feels welcome, that there is no need to be struggling with fuel bills and whether you have 5p or 5 million in the bank then it is a space for you.

There will always be a need for people to volunteer and come along, whether to check we haven’t run out of tea bags or sit and have a chat with someone. Think of it as a kind of public living room, with WIFI and somewhere to charge your phone.

As part of the warm welcome campaign, we have signed up to a set of principles that we will follow. These are that the warm welcome space is:

  • Free with no hidden costs.
  • Warm and able to provide basic refreshments such as tea/coffee.
  • Welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental spaces where everyone and anyone can expect a warm welcome. 
  • Safe abiding by usual safeguarding policies and hygiene rules.

Currently the chapel is open:

Wednesday morning – 11.30am – 1.30pm (before Craft and Chat)

Thursday afternoon – 12pm to 2pm (after Toddlers)

This will be reviewed as we go with a view to matching demand.

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