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Baptists Together president elections

Coming up in March is the election for the 2022-23 Baptist Union president. This is a chance to elect the person who will be president for the year, a role that takes on the task of being a communicator/facilitator of the Baptists Together vision and mission and being part of the core leadership team within our UK Baptist movement.

We will be discussing (and deciding) who we wish to vote for as a church in the after service Zoom call on the 7th March so have a look at the candidates profiles and interview videos (here) before then.

If you want to find out more details on the elections and what it means to be the Baptists Together president then click through to The Baptist Union of Great Britain : Elections.

As a reminder, in May this year at the annual assembly Geoff Colmer (of our own Central Baptist Association) will be taking on the role for the year. If you could remember him in your prayers, especially for his ongoing health concerns.

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