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Walk, Pray, Love.

Praying God’s blessing over Lavendon, March 2021.

Below you will find the ‘front and back’ of the Walk, Pray, Love card, giving ideas for how we can pray God’s blessing over our village. At a time when we are almost a year into the Covid crisis, a time when many are weary, where hope in returning to activities we used to take for granted is closer but still at times a distant dream, we want as a church for God’s blessing to fall on the village of Lavendon. A time of renewal, of regeneration, of an awareness of the peace and love that is beyond understanding to grow and fill this place.

The idea is that each week, we will consciously pray for our village, our neighbours, the streets we walk down, the places we pass and the people we meet. In practical terms, a commitment to once a week walk through the village (either in person or virtually), pray as we walk and bring God’s love to this place.

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